We are Code Poets – software development company based in Poland, Europe

For us software is like poetry. Knowing the language is not enough to create it. It’s the way of thinking that makes the difference and a better language could only enhance but not substitute good abilities.

We know the language and we know how to use it in an efficient way. And we choose Django – a Python framework that can be a very powerful tool when used by the right people. Developing high quality software within the specified time limit could be a difficult task. That’s why we’re here. To fulfill this task for you.

We’ve got experience in working with both small companies and big corporations. We also have proven track of successful cooperations with remote clients. We cover full software development life cycle: from the initial identification of business requirements to testing, deployment, and maintenance.

We specialize in web application development, rapid MVP development, Machine Learning and Blockchain development.

We are also travelers, mountains lovers, Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners, professional badminton players, amazing cooks and cool people to work with. ;)

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  • Understand

    We dig deep to understand your business, goals and requirements. We need to create partnership and be understanding to each other in order to provide the best solutions.

  • Deliver

    We have smart and experienced people onboard. We are committed to delivering scalable and extendable, high-quality software.
    Always on time.

  • Improve

    Our brains hate being idle. Passionate about our work, we are constantly moving forward, innovating, and improving. We think that it is the key to success.

  • Be honest

    Transparency and good communication are essential in achieving the best results and solving problems. We are honest with you and we expect you to be honest with us.

  • Self-organize

    We’re Agile supporters and we believe in teamwork. We are sure that no one will arrange the processes, projects and even the company better than its members.

  • Feel good

    Maybe we don’t save the world while working on the projects but we always remember that at the same time we can feel good, have fun, make friends and drink good coffee.