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Adrian Zamorski
Adrian Zamorski
6 min read
Jun. 15, 2020
The coronavirus pandemic has touched almost every industry and human life aspect, IT being no exception. While our company has been among the lucky few which rode this wave quite well, no one can really say we did it effortlessly. [...]
Adrian Zamorski
Adrian Zamorski
7 min read
Jun. 01, 2020
Time reporting is a pretty important issue at a software house. It facilitates smooth communication between the client and the developers. [...]

8 min read
Feb. 07, 2020
I’ve been interested in game development for a long time. During my university years, I would manage to pass some of my courses with minor game projects. But due to a lack of time I could never approach this subject more seriously. So when one of us [...]
Adrian Zamorski
Adrian Zamorski
2 min read
Oct. 14, 2019
Clutch cover photo
To be a poet is to observe something and then use other creative language techniques to display it for others to be able to experience. At Code Poets, we do just that through our software programming. [...]

10 min read
Oct. 21, 2019
PyCON cover photo
Our company gave us an opportunity to participate in this year’s edition of PyCon PL - a Polish edition of PyCon, a worldwide conference organised for and by the Python community [...]
Adrian Zamorski
Adrian Zamorski
4 min read
Oct. 01, 2019
I'm Adrian, the CEO of Code Poets — a software house based in Wroclaw, Poland. Let me tell you more about us. [...]