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4 min read
Oct. 01, 2019
Adrian Zamorski
Adrian Zamorski
Adrian Zamorski
Adrian Zamorski
Software developer then, co-founder and CEO of Code Poets now. Passionate about blockchain and bioinformatics projects.
Co-founder, CEO
4 min read
Oct. 01, 2019

Hi! My name is Adrian and I’m the CEO of Code Poets — a software house based in Wroclaw, Poland. This is the very first entry on our blog, so I grabbed the chance and decided to introduce us. Whether you're a (potential) client, a competitor or just a curious reader, hopefully at the end of this article you'll have a good understanding of what we're all about.

Who are the Poets?

Code Poets specialize in building web applications in Python/Django and Angular. We're lucky enough (though I like to think that we did something right to deserve it) to have fascinating projects; not merely run-of-the-mill eCommerce applications as you might have expected. In most cases, the web app is just a gateway to a more interesting and ambitious backend hidden inside. Machine learning, data analysis, cheminformatics and blockchain technology are all topics we have first-hand experience in — and we’re ready for more. At the moment we're focusing on expanding our blockchain portfolio and deepening our knowledge of decentralized web.

What makes a poet… a Poet?

Knowing the language and knowing how to code are two different things entirely. That's why we've named ourselves Code Poets — if you’re a poet, all you need for creating poetry in Spanish is to learn that language. Easy. But it doesn’t work the other way: knowing Spanish, German, English, Polish or Japanese won’t make you an artist unless you have that unique touch. We believe the same applies to programming: the people we’re trying to gather around us are not polyglots, they are poets. Our goal is to offer a tech team of such coders to people with brilliant ideas.

Code Poets are based in Wroclaw, Poland — one of the most innovative and tech-oriented cities in this part of Europe. This location is:

  • a 10-12 hour flight from New York,
  • a 2.5 hour flight from London,
  • a 3.5 hour ride from Berlin.

What else? According to HackerRank, Poland is the 3rd best country with the most skilled software developers. You can compare that to the US (28th) or India (31st). In Python we've scored 2nd and in Java — 1st. Interested? You can learn more here.

Code Poets in action

Our time on the market made us learn a lot, not only about the technology but also about running a successful company, building a top-notch team, managing projects, working with startups as well as big corporations. Lots of mistakes happened along the way; the good thing is that each of them was made only once. We’ve grown the company from two people: me and Kamil — my old friend, business partner and now the CTO of Code Poets, to 30 skilled specialists. As I'm writing these words, we're celebrating our 6th birthday. Now is the time to share our experiences, opinions and technical expertise with you. And if you'd like to see the Poets in action, you can use this form to estimate your project.

Every developer starts his coding adventure by writing a ‘Hello, world’ app. Let me start out blogging adventure this way as well. So… Hello, World!