Code Poets


An interesting case for sure. Our client came to us with an idea to create a bot for automated trading on DEXes (Decentralized Exchanges). At first glance, there were no flaws in this idea, yet we recommended more causes approach, and in that particular situation, that meant creating Proof of Concept.

PoC had a clear purpose – to prove that the proposed way of trading can be profitable. It was only about collecting data, filtering it, analyzing, and finally, gathering it in the documentation. Maybe not much for the external observer, but this step helped our client to make better business decisions, avoid burning the budget, and, as a result, have a better final product.

Just a few months later, we had an opportunity to assemble the team and kick off the project of building the MVP of AlgoBot. It covered building a web app and writing a smart contract.

Webapp – the core application that handles bot functionality, with a frontend for managing users' accounts. It consists of 3 different components:

  • Main server – handling requests and serving frontend
  • Scheduler – handling scheduling, generating daily profits, statistics, and checking token pair prices
  • Worker – handling asynchronous tasks like generating statistics, daily profits, or swapping tokens triggered by the Scheduler.

Smart contract – written on the Ethereum blockchain to store assets and trigger trades between DEXes.

We successfully delivered the project on time, which made our client more than happy – and this is something you can easily verify by reading the review on Clutch.

Client's opinion:

"I can't stress enough how much I enjoyed working with someone reliable. The simple fact that they work highly professionally and are reliable and knowledgeable is a fantastic combination that is hard to find elsewhere, unfortunately."

– Werner Hochleitner, CEO & Co-Founder, Double Edge

And here's how our Poets see this project:

"Outside of application development, my main responsibility in this project was to create and maintain Algobot smart contract on the Ethereum network. Connecting existing smart contracts with our own was a changeling task at the beginning of this project due to the nature of blockchain and its virtual machine. Solving those problems was a great experience as a web3 developer."

– Jakub Czachura, Solidity Developer, member of the team

PS. The most unfortunate thing is that the whole project is for a private association and not open for the public to see.