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Centi is a blockchain startup. It started with a vision of a cashless cryptocurrency payment system connected to POS (Point of Sale) terminals. The idea was to make it possible to buy coffee with cryptocurrencies in casual places around us. Today, Centi is far more.

How it all started? In 2019 we went to TCConf - Transylvania Crypto Conf. We met there many great people from the industry and did some networking. After a few months, we got recommended to the Centi founder – Ben.

We've designated an entire backend development team to build the system architecture. The next step, after creating an MVP was the further development of this project.

At the time of writing this, Centi is a blockchain-based payment processing system that includes an online payment widget, an app to support virtual and physical merchants, and a mobile wallet app, among others.

How's the cooperation going? Great, but who are we to judge? Let the most interested be our voice here.

"Code Poets are open to new ideas, embracing the challenges I present. They're very flexible with any changes that occur." – Bernhard Müller Hug, General Manager / Chairman at Centi AG

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If you are interested in a broader description of our partnership with Centi, please feel free to dive deeper into our Case Study.