Code Poets


AI-driven technology for medicine

Company size: 60 employees

HQ: San Diego, USA

Duration: Since May 2021

Entos was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in San Diego.

They are advancing a small-molecule therapeutics pipeline using AI-driven high-throughput experimentation.

Entos is a company that combines high-throughput experiments with AI technology. That is why next to the experimental part, we have the software with different sections like automatization, machine learning, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, molecular docking, and medicinal


Their leading platform is powered by Entos OrbNet, a deep-learning architecture that yields 1000x acceleration of molecular simulations and 100x reductions in data requirements to predict pharmaceutical properties accurately.

The Code Poets team is a part of the integrated platform software team, where they implement changes to compound structure and logic based on suggestions from other teams.