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Ethereum Foundation

There is no need for an introduction to what the Ethereum Foundation is. For us, working with the most recognizable blockchain brand is an honor. Our cooperation started a few years back when Kamil Śliwak – our co-founder – joined the Solidity project. After only three months, he has entered the list of top 20 contributors to Solidity and made us all incredibly proud.

Kamil joined the Solidity development team in 2020, and since then, he has become a core team member for the project. Hearing "we are very happy with him!" from our client's management side is pretty much daily. Their review of our work posted on can quickly allay any doubts.

Today, Kamil is not only a developer working on the project but also a more and more recognizable person in the industry. You can meet him at events organized by Ethereum Foundation, sometimes as a man on stage. In addition, his work is widely recognized and appreciated in the blockchain world. His GitHub profile is actively working as proof of skills and a sneak peek to a level of our services (almost 15000 contributions in the three two years!).

This cooperation will last a long time, as both sides deeply respect and appreciate each other's work.

In early 2022 we extended our presence in the project by adding another talented C++ developer.