Code Poets

L7 Informatics

L7 Enterprise Science Platform

Company size: 170 employees
HQ: Austin, TX, USA
Team: 11
Duration: Since June 2020

L7 Informatics was founded in 2011 in Austin, Texas. Their mission is to help life science and healthcare organizations to use their data most thoroughly and efficiently.

Beyond simple data management, L7 provides tools that optimize the flow of information between process and people, unlocking innovation at every stage of the clinical, research, and manufacturing value chains.

As Code Poets, we are engaged in developing a central and groundbreaking system - the L7 Enterprise Science Platform.

L7 Enterprise Science Platform is an all-in-one system for every chain stage. We are responsible for its overall development and maintenance. Our team is involved in both front- and backend for the most crucial ESP parts, such as:

  • Custom application for creating, following and studying all phases of clinical operations.
  • Similar to the Jupyter notebooks feature, notebooks utilize mixing blocks of code and documentation for obtaining, scrutinizing, and presenting results.
  • Laboratory Information Management System used for managing laboratory experiments at all stages. It allows to include dozens of worksheets corresponding to several stages of the experiment, suggests available expressions to use and analytical pipelines to run, and offers final reports in various formats.