Code Poets

Merck Millipore


Company size: 20 000 employees

HQ: Massachusetts, USA

Team: 12

Duration: September 2017 - December 2021

The Millipore Corporation was founded in 1954 in the USA. It has been listed among the S&P 500 since the early 1990s as an international biosciences company that makes micrometer pore-size filters and tests.

With the 2015 combination of EMD Millipore and Sigma-Aldrich, they have a broad portfolio of 300,000 products. They are one of the biggest life science companies, hiring ~20 000 people.

Synthia project for Merck is a retrosynthesis software that helps to find synthesis paths for searched molecules. User inputs the molecule with all necessary details like stop conditions for search (e.g., molecules, which client already has in his inventory), rules, filters, the maximum number of iterations for search algorithms, or just maximum time spent on search. As a result, the user can see synthesis paths with results from well-known molecules with all reactions, which leads to the searched molecule.

From the technical point of view, we were responsible for creating a web app application from scratch and improving the chemical backend application by adding new functionalities. On the chemical backend part, we were using docker-compose with migration to Kubernetes.